Mautic2.15 performance is slow

Hi, I would like to know what optimization Mautic4.0 has done in terms of performance,
No matter how high my hardware configuration is, the concurrency of Mautic increases linearly. The 2.15 performance without doing any operation is very slow, but the efficiency of Mautic 4.0 has been greatly improved. I would like to know whether it is the improvement of Symfony framework or Mautic framework。
In the initial development, I updated coreBundle and other bundles and could not do a new version upgrade. I want to do some performance optimization by myself. Thanks

I would def. upgrade to Mautic 4+ for the following reaons:

  • 2.15 has security issues, that has been addressed in later versions
  • 4.4.1 is able to run on php 8.0 which offers speed improvement itself
  • the test coverage of the code has been improved dramatically since 2.15, there are a lot less bugs
  • segments are created faster and email sending is faster


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Hello, I have tried to upgrade, but due to the large upgrade cost of the underlying bundle, which has been modified a lot in the initial stage, I cannot consider upgrading this method in the short term. What is the problem with the concurrency of the 2.15 version? Has it been fixed in the new version

Hi, what do you mean by concurrency?

sorry we use opcache to solve