Missing connections in campaign when creating over API

Mautic: 4.4.3
PHP Version 7.4
Database: Maria DB

Hi, I am paying around with the campaigns api, I would like to create a really simple campaign that just moves contact from segment to stage. I can do that via GUI no problem.

I listed the campaigns over api using GET /campaigns endpoint and the record that I created over api displays just fine.

When I copy json from response and try to use it on POST /campaigns/new with different name and description and everything else the same, campaign is successfully created with correct boxes (segment and stage boxes), its just that boxes are not connected with each other (image below):

Can someone provide example api call that makes boxes connected or maybe can anyone point me in the right direction.

I played around with events.parent and events.decissionPath but no luck so far.

From where I am standing this should be pretty simple. I just copy the response from one endpoint, slightly modify it and create a new record.

Any help is much appreciated.