MJML template does not clone correctly

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My Mautic version is: 3.3.2
My PHP version is: 7.4.21

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My problem is:
I am trying to clone an email that was is based on an MJML template. When I clone the email, it reverts to a HTML template. I would like to be able to clone and continue to edit in MJML. How can I achieve that? Or is that a bug that needs fixing?

Hi, when you create an email from your MJML template, it will be saved as HTML, not MJML.
Watch this video for clarification:


Well, actually the first time I save it, it stays in MJML, which gets translated to HTML. If I go back to that email, I can edit the MJML anytime I want and save it again. When I clone it, the MJML is gone, and I need to edit the HTML. Like you said in the video, MJML is easier to deal with in the editor, and as far as I understand, MJML guarantees that it is going to be compatible with all email clients. When I edit an HTML, I cannot know whether it looks right in all clients. There must be a way to clone an email so that it remains to be MJML. Is that a bug, or am I missing anything why Mautic is acting this way?

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Here is the thing.
Right now the email consists of 2 parts (more but let’s say 2.) A header and the body.
The header is still in HTML (See your template’s code) while the body is in MJML.
Every time you edit a template directly - you can edit mjml.
Every time you clone an email you turn into HTML - so you’ll continue editing an HTML letter.

It will change with time, this is just a temp solution. I would create a template instead of cloning the emails over and over again.


OK, so you confirm that for now I am losing the MJML code when cloning an email. I don´t think it should be difficult to clone the MJML together wit the rest of the email, so I hope this feature is coming soon.

So for the moment I need to create a Mautic template. That means I need to study a tutorial how to create Mautic templates, right?

It depends on your skill level. A tutorial can help, especially if it explains in details what and how you have to do.
Otherwise here are the docs: Email & Landing Page Builder | Mautic