More User Rating Features (DIY & DFY)

My idea is:

Hi. The current points system in Mautic is inadequate. Someone who signed up 3 months ago who opens 100% of emails will have the same score as someone who has been around for four years and reads only 1% of emails.

I’d love to be able to create segments based on the percentage of reads/opens and percentage of clicks and give a 5-star system type of rating. Especially if I can give more weight to recent opens and clicks. If developers can create those segmentation abilities, I’d love that. Or if they can create that kind of rating system out of the box with a Mautic install/update, that would be spectacular. Mailchimp can do it.

Why I think they would benefit from this idea:

It makes it easier to send to segments based on engagement level.

Are you willing to work on this idea?:

Yes. I can provide input. It’s best to do a survey about struggles people are having with segmentation and with rating users and also asking them to suggest solutions. This is my entry.

Thanks for the feature request @monkeyjedi - we have got some improvements coming to the points system in 5.0 but in the meantime, I recommend checking out this session from Mautic Conference Global which might help you with regards to the issue you mention of decaying your leads using points:

Thanks. I’ll watch the video. Saw nothing related to my request in the 5.0 link. Just a group points feature.

Many marketers use the ‘sunsetting’ feature. Mautic offers many ways to deduct points from contacts based on inactivity.
Of course the more ways you can do this the better.

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