Multi-Tenancy in Mautic this simple?

Proxmox will let you share a pool of resources across multiple containers ,as Joey mentions. I’ve had a server running over two months without issue, running three instances of Mautic, 3 help desks, some blogs. And it’s easy to add new nodes (machines) to the cluster.

It was a matter of a half hour to install it on a little mini server (64GB RAM, 2TB SSD, Ryzen 7 4800H), backed up to the cloud. Less than $400. I was trying to see how inexpensively I could do the hosting myself, after getting burned by spending waaaay too much money on hosted software from Zendesk, Klaviyo, and others. I think it’s worth a weekend afternoon to try it out :slight_smile:

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Yeah I totally agree with you: for 3 little hobby Mautics a proxy + containers would be an overkill.

This setup became a standard for me since:

  • I hate dependance on other software like Virtualmin. Sooner or later I would run into a limitation.
  • One click install solutions like Softaculus rarely produce a stable Mautic on the long run
  • I like the clean nature of the containers where nothing else is in there besides the software I need
  • The portability makes backups super easy and once your project grows (Mautic db likes to grow) moving containers between servers is a very simple and satisfying experience.
  • The real treat is the ability of taking snapshots and rolling back with ease: you can make a snapshot (takes 1 second) of a whole instance and roll it back if your update fails. No zips, no mysq drops. The snapshot doesnt eat the space as it’s just tracking changes.

But again: it is an overkill for a hobby or small project.