Need to find step by step tutorial based on usecase

I’m very new to mautic… but the reason why I installed and want to learn mautic is because I wanna start an affiliate online business. And since I dont wanna use paid service like clickfunnel I turned to mautic.

So I passed the installation and cron job phase. My current basic usecase is to publish a landing page that will capture user’s email and forward my user to my supplier’s site to purchase.

I watched this video and I managed to create a simple landing page. But why is it my landing page status is PENDING???

I tried to read your PDF for user, but it seems that this PDF is more like a reference book compare to cookbook.

So if any of you knows any tutorial that based on a simple usecase like mine, please do inform me.


Hi, ok I made it Published.

But currently, the URL for that newly created page is

Is there a NON PREVIEW URL for this page?

Maybe more SEO friendly like


@BromoApp, this is in fact only the preview URL. You can find the actual URL under “Page URL” after you click “Save & Close”.