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No anonymous contacts

Hi, everyone!

I’ve installed mautic on local machine and for some reason there is no anonymous contacts created by the tracking code:

I’m not logged is admin in Mautic and requests are send correctly as you can see:

Mautic: 2.13.1
PHP: 7.0.22

What might be the problem here?


Tried it, mtc.js loads correctly in the broswer.

Yeah, also loads, but as far as i understand it’s deprecated tracking method.


Hello, can anybody tell me how anonymous contact should work? In my case I was installed mautic on XAMPP and have Spring Boot(Java) application. When go to my web app no anonymous contact added to Mautic.
More information:

  1. I have configured Mautic tracking settings to switch yes for all
  2. I have configured CORS for my application
  3. I’m not currently log in as admin account in Mautic
  4. In my client website I have only JS tracking script before </body>
  5. I noticed that adding contact by Mautic forms work well, Mautic then creates cookies, in my case I have only blank pages with JS tracking script and cookies not been created
  6. I have acces to mtc.js script in my browser

Any ideas?