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Organising a stand and speaking at FOSDEM in Brussels, 1-2 February 2020

FOSDEM is a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software.

There is an opportunity for Open Source projects to have a free stand at the event, which is on 1-2 February 2020 in Brussels, Belgium.

From their site:

FOSDEM offers open source and free software projects the opportunity to display their work during the event. At its stand, a project can share information, demo software, sell merchandise, give away goodies, and so on, and personally interact with the visitors.

What we offer

  • one 180x80cm table, positioned in one of the buildings with developer rooms, for the entire duration of the conference. Joint submissions that share a table between related projects will be favoured in the selection process.
  • two chairs per table
  • one power socket type C/E (if you require adapters or additional sockets, please bring them yourself)
  • fast uplink shared wireless Internet access

There are also opportunities to propose talks in various different areas - see

Would you like to be involved by supporting a Mautic Community stand at the event?

Would you like to propose a talk related to Mautic?

If so, please drop a comment below and let’s coordinate our efforts!

As an update, we have a stand on the Saturday! It would be great if any of the community would like to help support - the event is free to attend.