Pass URL Parameters to Site with form and further to Mautic Contact


Is it possible to grab an ID coming via URL i.e.


On website.xy is a Mautic form with name and email address.

The myID is submitted together with the name and email address. A Mautic contact is created and the myID is placed in a custom field.

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I placed the following code into my Typo3 Template in the Setup area.

I called the site via mysite.xy/?digistore_affid=123

But the ID is not populated in the contact.

Any advice?

page.headerData.112233 = TEXT
page.headerData.112233.value (


Maybe this will help? One of the steps does what I think you are asking

Thanks, that might be a way. But I think it works more directly.

Joey Keller has a documentation about a pixel trigger via image.

Via a
$curl = curl_init();

Function the URL is taken apart and the Mautic contact is created or updated.

When I’m calling my URL: website.xy?myID=123 a contact is created in Mautic with the value: 123. And any time I call it again, another contact is created.

So my question is: How do I get the value of 123, arriving at Mautic via filling the form and placing 123 in the ID field together with the other values submitted by the form?