Wordpress Contact Parameters pulled from mtc js api

Wordpress Contact Parameters pulled from MTC

Is there a Wordpress Mautic plugin that allows us to pull contact fields into Wordpress via the js api using the cookie on the browser device?
If not - are there any resources someone could point me to that would efficiently get us closer to a working solution.

ie A contact clicks on an email link, takes them to the website.
We have a mautic cookie refreshed on their device and browsing session

I want to then personalise the session with the known personalised details or extended details in a similar way that clearbit, hyperise, findthatlead or the like pull in from a central database to personalise websites.

My objective would be to pre-fill forms, update content filters based on tags, personalise content orders etc etc

I have no idea about the topic maybe this might help GitHub - escopecz/mautic-form-submit: PHP library to forward data to a Mautic form

looking over this logic

what does it do?
doing anything more than pushing a contact into Mautic from a php form?

Looking over the description it implies that it gets back the contact ID after submission, is that based on js a standard feedback?

Question realistically applying it to this logic, if we had a session and cookie active from Mautic, could we pre-populate the form with the contact details from the mautic contact record?

I feel your article has raised more questions

raised a ticket in github against the wp mautic plugin

  1. I believe now I am most likely not correctly connecting the pre and post enquiry sessions.
  2. I am unsure based on the article if there is an elegant way to query information captured on the cookie against the database in browser, may have to be done in php behind an oauth query.
  3. I am concerned that an email click through doesnt not translate to a browser cookie merge, or there is an issue with merging sessions after a user has logged in.

Hi, is your mautic domain and the tracked domain identical? In other words:
Are we talking about a first party tracking?

mautic is on a sub-domain ie m.domain.com

You will also have a look at the web server settings - they may prevent and interfere with your planned idea. The more strict they are setup the more huzzle. We had some JavaScript within the form - reading parameters from the URL. Even that may be blocked by the web server. I didn’t get the script working with those server settings, while they were just working fine on others:

x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN
x-xss-protection: 1; mode=block
referrer-policy: strict-origin

Just as a heads up in case you run into trouble.