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Personalization of SMS or push notifications

With emails in Mautic you can personalize them via curly brace syntax when composing the email. Which will allow your email to be tailored slightly per person.

With SMS and push notifications that doesn’t appear to be supported out of the box with the Twilio and OneSignal plugins. Is this correct or is there a way to personalize that I’m unaware of?

Thank you for any input.

Well as of 3.1 SMS personalization (first name) was working.

Thanks @joeyk!

For the benefit of any future forum searchers:
I’ve been looking through the latest code. From the looks of it there is probably complete personalization (ie, tokenization) support for SMS. The SmsModel class dispatches a SmsEvents::TOKEN_REPLACEMENT event, which is picked up by SmsSubscriber::onTokenReplacement, which then uses TokenHelper::findLeadTokens. The latter appears to generically look for tokens.

I am using Mautic v2.16.2 and can confirm that you can personalise SMS with {tokens}

@harry5 @jmakar hi where can I find the menu to create the token/dynamic content based on contact fields to send messsage?

Look at the mautic tutorials about dynamic content. Use those principles from email in your sms text. Test & confirm it’s working.