How to personalize emails?

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Hi guys
I am starting my path in mautic and I am trying all the sections and tools little by little.

I am now looking at the issue of creating emails and I have realized that I cannot find something like a label or a code or something that I can add so that it takes the name field and the emails are personalized.

for example say:
and that “paolo” is the name you put when registering

in mailchimp it would be:
hello |FNAME|

where “|FNAME|” would pick it up automatically and change the system to the name you entered.

I can’t find it in the email builder.
I attach a screenshot in case someone can help me or if maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you community!

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Hi and welcome.

In Mautic personalization is used by calling the custom fields.

For firstname this is done by using {contactfield=firstname}.

So the syntax for calling any custom field is {contactfield=fieldname} where fieldname is the alias you see in custom fields.

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Hey Mike!

Thanks a lot!
I have implemented this and it is a big step for me, little by little I am learning, I come from activecampaign and mautic I am delighted.

I have one more curiosity, sorry if I abuse.

I use restrict content pro and activecampaign and when someone buys and registers in restrict content pro automatically tagged and passed with a tag (buyer) to activecampaign

is this possible to do in mautic?

the one you get to mautic “the tag” when you buy.

I think I’m not explaining myself well haha I’ll give an example:

Jose buys a course in my academy which I have created with wordpress and use restinc content pro,
When you register, wordpress assigns you a profile and automatically adds you to a funnel in activecampaign and assigns you a label.

is it possible to do this and instead of using activecampaign make it mautic ?

I hope I have explained myself well.



Don’t worry about asking too many questions - it is the only way to learn (that and google). Yes you can pass tags and also tag contacts inside Mautic.

There are plugins for Wordpress and Mautic, like MakeWebBetter, however you can also do this with google tag manager and probably a few other ways as well.

It does take some technical understanding, but if you go ahead and google you should find some stuff.

We plan on waiting up a blog post on how to use Google Tag Manger to help with these sort of things and Mautic

Wow it’s great!

I will be attentive, currently connected and tagged with wordpress and activecampaign using the wp fusion plugin, that is to say now what the plugin does is:

When a wordpress student registers, they are sent to activecampaign to a list, they enter with a label called buyer and receive an onborading automation, we do this with wp fusion.

ie wp fusion assigns it to a list with a tag.

I speak Spanish but I’m trying to find information and using google translate I’m seeing, today is my free id and I’m studying mautic :smiley:

I’ll go check out the plugin you recommended.

I’m open to suggestions and more from mautic experts like you Mikew.

If you are technical enough I would suggest checking out a software called which can help you with different integrations between different softwares.

For less technical I would suggest checking out

Hello mike!
I followed the steps and made a campaign in which there is only me to do the test

and tried to customize it and it didn’t work for me :frowning:

I attach screenshots so you can see it and help me, maybe I did something wrong (almost certainly) and why

I send you a screenshot of the contact information in mautic and the second screenshot of how the email arrived

My mautic is in Spanish, I don’t know if this has any influence.

Gracias Mikew

you have a typo, missed a T:

{contactfield=firstname} is correct.

haha sorry Joey

I was so into it that I didn’t see it.
Joeyk I am subscribed to your youtube channel and watching the videos and today I saw a video:

I loved it but I have 2 doubts:
1.- When you send the unsubscribe form with the answers, does a message of “form or answers sent” have to come out?

I didn’t get it

2.- When you send the unsubscribe form with the answers, do you have to receive an unsubscribe confirmation email?

It did not reach me and I replicated everything step by step

A hug!

Hi, thank you for subscribing.

  1. Depends what result you want: do you wanna get notification about the unsubscribe via email? If yes, then yes. Otherwise the result will be stored in a form. You can browse through the results there and understand more about unsubscribe reasons.

  2. You can set this, but in my video I didn’t. I feel like: if you wanna unsubscribe, I won’t email you anymore. I bothered that person enough :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply @joeyk

I did my homework and researched and in the form you can program a phrase when submitting the form or forward it to a landing page :slight_smile:

As for the email, I think it will stay as you did since you’re right, they don’t want any more emails.

Joey, one more question and sorry to abuse with questions and questions…

If I send a campaign to 1000 emails, for example, and of those 1000 emails, 50 return mailer-daemon…

How do I delete in mautic all those emails that bounced and gave mailer-daemon?
or how do I separate them or unsubscribe from my contacts?

hugs from Madrid

Are you using Amazon SES for sending emails?

Hello @joeyk yes, I am using Amazon Ses

By the way, does mautic have any “retry” delivery options?


If you use Amazon SES, you don’t need to get the emails, just set the feedback loop:

thanks for your help @joeyk

now what I did was “stop the campaign” since no more emails went out but I still get mailer…

I understand that if it stops, what happens is the sending retries
Is there any way to stop or eliminate that queue?

Thank you very much Joeyk for your help, I’m a little scared because every time you retry sending “it consumes the shipping credit” from amazon ses (it had 60 thousand free and it is consuming the shipments)

Mautic doesn’t retry sending if the feedback loop is properly set up.
You should disable feedback forwardning not to get those messages:

Thank you
You have no idea how much your advice helps me.

forgive me for abusing, I did the same thing as in the youtube video of unsubscribing with a survey, and so far everything is fine but I would like to export that data to an excel sheet and delete it from my mautic to avoid receiving it by mistake some other email

So, where can I find all that group of those who asked to unsubscribe? or how it is filtered to do a massive deletion and not one by one?

Thank you

So couple of things:

  1. If someone Bounces you can’t send them any email.

  2. If someone Unsubscribes from a Channel (Email), they can still get emails from you, but only transactional emails. Here is a Video that explains that:
    Marketing Automation Show: Transactional vs Marketing emails in Mautic - YouTube

  3. You can any time make a segment:

  4. You can export segment member here. (click on the number representing segment count)

Tjanks @joeyk

Ok, I’m learning more.

But then I’m still in doubt.

How can I find the whole batch of unsubscribes to remove them?

I have already exported them to excel, now I would like to remove them from my mautic.
How do I find all that lot?

The segment above will find them.