PHP Notic SessionHandler

I am seeing this notice a lot and have changed all my permissions, anyone know what this is.

On this particular instance I am getting a timeout on the dashboard - which is super light as I am not showing anything there.

[2022-07-14 10:05:54] mautic.NOTICE: PHP Notice - SessionHandler::gc(): ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/lib/php/sessions) failed: Permission denied (13) - in file /var/www/mautic/vendor/symfony/http-foundation/Session/Storage/Handler/StrictSessionHandler.php - at line 106 {"maxlifetime":1440} {"hostname":"mautic","pid":1433144}

hi, I’m having the same issue, any solution?

Hi, did you ever figure this out?

Yes, all I did in the end was chmod 777 /var/lib/php/sessions

This is really bad solution, there should be a better way to handle this.

Can you try if permissions 775 are sufficient for start?