Plugin Development in mautic

Hello everyone,
I am trying to build a mautic plugin and need your help. I have two questions.

  1. How I can show these two tabs “Enabled/Auth” and “features” ?
  2. I also have a form in my plugin, it is showing only the HTML form in mautic but I want to get “mautic forms” name list from the database in my dropdown input. How I can achieve that ?

Given below is the image when I click on the “Plugins” in mautic setting.

any kind of help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I can maybe point you in the right direction regarding your first question:

I would recommend looking at the respective implementation of the MailChimp Plugin you are using as a visual reference here. You should be able to find the “Enabled/Auth” Tabs in the Integration (if I am not totally wrong) of your plugin.

Regarding your second quesstion, I just don’t understand what you mean by getting the Mautic Forms Name List in a dropdown. At what place would you want to show the dropdown?

Thanks @sdoering for your reply.

I already look into the config.php and other files of different plugins, but did not find anything that I can understand. Because I am new with PHP and mautic plugin development. It will be great any body can pointout exact location for the piece of code from any built-in plugins.

for my second question I mean:
We have “forms” in mautic

and I want the list of those “forms” in a drop down, which is in my plugin view.

Well I am basically new to php/symfony plugin development myself and am currently developing a plugin for a client that has a similar functionality to an existing plugin.

This way I was able to step by step fumble my way towards a solution. Because of this I was able to point you towards the integration and would recommend to the developer docs as well. They helped me a lot.

But I am still far from anything than a noob stumbling in the dark so I am probably not the best person to get you any further than what I did before.

Top tip: recommend checking the WIP dev docs here:

This is the most up to date (some parts like Autowiring are coming in Mautic 5 so they are not yet in Mautic but coming soon) and we are not far off having it completely replatformed!

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Oh @rcheesley,

this is a blessing to me. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome! Once it is live we will be versioning the docs - so when we start to work on Mautic 6 you will be able to switch versions (bottom of page) to the relevant docs.

ATM we are a bit of a mismash as some stuff was accidentally merged to main which relates to Mautic 5 :see_no_evil: but hopefully it makes sense!

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@joeyk @rcheesley Can you guide me toward the tutorial which can help new bee in the plugin development? Because I am unable to get the answers from the documentation.

Maybe I can get just the answers to my questions.

It will be really helpful. :slight_smile:

Abdul Wahab.