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prepopulate email campaign to landing page

Hi seeking any help from this forum, i’d like to populate the form in landing page from email CAMPAIGN that being send by the campaign itself after reading this and placing {pagelink=3}&email={leadfield=email|true} shows me 404 or page not found by mautic but when i try to send it manually thru contact then send email it works perfectly, but in campaign sending email this {pagelink=<MYFORM>}&email={leadfield=email|true} is not working and destroying the page swhoing 404 but WHEN i try this {pagelink=3}?email={leadfield=email%7Ctrue} OR {pagelink=3}?email={leadfield=email|true} it shows the landing page but not populating the email, i already set custom field email to public like in here but nothing happens pls may i have a constant help after 1 reply here thanks

Solved this:

{pagelink=3}?email={leadfield=email} = ( {pagelink=<YOURPAGE>}?ALIASFIELD={leadfield=ALIASFIELD} )

  1. Go to GEAR icon upper right of dashboard -> Custom Fields -> EMAIL ->
    <Visible on short forms> set to YES,
    <Is Unique Identifier> set to YES

  2. go to your FORM -> edit -> desire FIELDS -> edit -> CONTACT FIELD tab -> select correspond field to populate -> BEHAVIOR tab -> <Auto fill data> set to YES.

  3. make it sure you open the email on incognito browser OR a browser that the mautic dashboard is LOG OUT then clear cache

this works for me, some of support from other topics has so so so so minimum amount of instruction and very unproductive and most of it the moderator only replies ONCE then leaving you in dark. hope this would help other