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pass email from mail inbox email template TO landing page with form

Hi I would like to seek any help from here. I have a email template for campaign and a landing page that uses a [form], my problem is the name or email can be display in the email campaign template but when redirecting to landing page with form i cant display the name or the email of the recipient, is there anyone here can help me how to pass a contact details from email->landing page->form fields?, i am not good in coding in mautic that much, any help would be very appreciated.


You dont need to code.
Go to Mautic > Forms > Select the form you display in the landing page and then select the email field and the option Autofill.

hi @joan thank you for the reply, I already did that from my email template button i place the token for href of my landing page like this href="{pagelink=3}", the email button works perfectly and it was redirecting to my landing page, but when the landing page come, the email field is not populating anything, i send this email thru campaign trigger, the campaign wil fetch segment then sending the email with the link of landing page here is the set up for the email field in my landing page this is the screenshot kindly have time to check it pls, i dont know what went wrong or do i need to do something else?, thank you for your.

Nevermind on this issue, FOR those who having the same problem check this forum topic I dont how did i missed that part/number 6 and 11 because i DIDN’T find this instruction in the documentation in mautic on in part of “Pre-populate the values automatically in an email” this got me really gggrrrr anyways it is more helpful if mautic docs will include these precise instruction for those like me that cant understand what is going on, thanks (i dont know how to close this topic)