Preview URL under Channel -> EMail "Not public mode"

We have a link in all of our email that allow members to click and view the email on web version page.

We just wanted to confirm that even if Preview URL is set to “Not Public” and the web version link in email will always still allow the member to access the web version correct?

Public only allow anyone to access the web version page without a special link directly correct?


If you set the Preview URL to ‘Not Public’, only people logged into Mautic account can access the email as web page while all others will get a 403 Forbidden error. If you set it to ‘Public’, anyone can view the email.


I did some testing last night

it seems that you do not need to be logged in to see the email as web page when it not in public mode but you have to use serialized web link inside the email to be able to view it non-public mode.

Here an example and it set to not public mode - Test email

This link was generated by the token {webview_text} inside the email