Problems with Twitter and Facebook plugins

Your software
My PHP version is : 7.4
My MySQL/MariaDB version: 10.6
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Mautic version: 4.0-rc


When I try to authorize Facebook plugins, it says that App Domains is needed, but that info in facebook app is already filled.

In the case of twitter plugin, it says “that there is no token request from this site…” (all necessary settings, according to Twitter | Mautic is complete (even callback url).

Fresh Mautic installation.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Hey there!

These plugins need to be updated to support the latest changes in the APIs, but we haven’t had any developers who have been able to work on it.

If you would like to, you can add a bounty on an issue on GitHub as I believe there’s an issue there already, if not please do feel free to raise one.

I’d love to see them updated, we just haven’t had the resources or any community contributed pull requests to address the issue.

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