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Pushing data from Mautic to Other external APIs


I’m very new to Mautic and we started to using it recently.
We came across with a requirement to push contact data (on specific cases) to a sales pipeline system in cloud which has it’s on APIs deployed.
As we are investigating we found that the integration can be done using plugins or webhooks.
I need to know is there any other way we can consume any external APIs from Mautic other than this plug-In and webhooks method ?

Expecting your guidelines for my situation.

Thank You & Kind Regards,


Thank you for your reply.
If you have shared the URL documentation on available APIs which are to be used to connect Mautic from other applications, yes I got this.

But my requirement is to connect other sources from Mautic, Something like writing scripts in Mautic so I can consume external APIs of other services.

Thank You