im new here, my name is Alexander. Nice to meet you all.
Because im new in email marketing i have some questions:

  1. Is it 10$ VPS from Digital Ocean good to sending around few thousand mails / day initally?
  2. I will send some adult related stuff (dating offers) so I think i cant use Amazon SES. What SMTP you will recommend me? (Postal from Atech media?)
  3. how to avoid my mails go to user’s SPAM folder?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the community.

  1. Could be okay, I usually don’t touch servers under $20/month, but I found out that even a Raspberry pi can run Mautic pretty well. You should be okay with couple of thousend emails / day. The question is how many page visits you want to track. If you have a lot, than your Mautic needs to be fast.
  2. SES is not happy about adult content. For Postal, you’d need to understand basic domain administration including reverse DNS, how to handle feedback loops from providers. I suggest you read all the providers you can find and see who is okay with your content.
  3. I think you are better off to look for another source for emailing techniques, there are forums especially for that. This forum also discussed it over and over again, but maybe somewhere it’s better summarized.

Good luck

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