Replace the landing page builder with Gutenberg builder

My idea is:

Replace the landing page builder with Gutenberg builder, There are currently several standalone Gutenberg library that are wordpress agnostic. I heard that Gutenberg got integrated to Drubal too
for who dont know what Gutenberg is you can check a demo for it from here

Hi @arabtornado thanks for your suggestion!

Do you have any sense as to whether other builders might be worth considering alongside Gutenberg?

I know we have a thread going on in Github about the Email builder - ideally we should (in my opinion) try to use the same builder across both the landing page and email builder to avoid duplication of effort and code bloat.

Here’s the GH thread for reference:

Perhaps you could add your thoughts on that thread?

Gutenberg is not so good in building landing pages.

It is exceptional in writing posts, but to build complex layouts (as a landing page may have) it is not suitable: did you ever tried to build a landing page with Gutenberg on WordPress?

Just saw this: Replace landing page builder / email builder with Grapesjs OS library

This is really more suitable to build landing pages in my opinion.

I like this idea as it opens up many new opportunities, since WordPress is the most popular CMS and there are so many plugins and other resources available.

As an example: one that Im evaluating for landingpages for other projects right now is:

I really like this plugin:

Gutengeek is really a best solution to replace landingpage builder with Gutenberg Blocks. THis WordPress blocks builder contains a huge range number of customizable blocks. Speacially, blocks & page library in GUtengeek let to create your content quickly by importing.

I thought the plugin was pretty nice. Though there is a cost, so not sure how that would work.

i posted this on another thread here, but I will post here as well. I went to sign up for the beefree developer program but I didn’t complete the application as it wanted my credit card details.

It seems they use BuilderJS as their email designer. Its licensed, but reasonable $30 for your site or an extended license for $120 (covers your clients). To me, this makes more sense as you can work directly with the builder API and not through a third party service.