Required form field notification not working on 4.4.8

When I press the submit button, and have the form fields empty, the browser does not give me that yellow ‘required’ field notification.

This is a new install of Mautic 4.4.8. I’ve also included an error message from the developer tools …

The form itself works fine, and the contact is saved in the DB without issues.

Anyone know why or have an idea what’s going on here ?

Hi @lexgabrees, the error doesn’t really fit to the described situation. Could you please check if the mautic-form.js is indeed available in media/js/ ?

We had this with brand new installations via composer as well. We couldn’t find out, why sometimes files where missing in an installation.

Hey Dirk … Yes, the file definitely there … I’m running on nginx, but other files in that same folder are accessible … So that might exclude an issue with nginx locations …

For anybody seeing these issues, this was my fix:

I had a wordpress plugin installed called ‘autoptimize’ … It minifies JS and things such as defer.

Disabling the plugin removes the errors. (makes sense, since it was all js related).

So, now I’ll either have to change the settings of this plugin, or just disable it…