Reset and clear all stats in v4.4.8

After installing and making many tests, my Mautic instance is full of my own stats.
Is there a way to initialize all the statistics like sent, open, clicks, … from emails, campaigns, …
I want to restore the initial state of the reports but keep my properties like emails, segments, campaigns, …

You would have to delete records from email_stats table, but I am sure this is not the only table you have to pay attention to.

Caution is in order when doing these things and before you delete any records make a backup of entire database just in case.

For Campaigns I duplicate them.
For Emails the same.
For Forms the same.
Inside the Segments there are not so many statistics, so I let these as they are.

Would be a good feature to have a “reset” button for the statistic-numbers.

Yes, it will be definitely a good feature.
Or if someone can give us the MySQL query or the tables to purge to run.
The structure of the database is a little bit complex, so I don’t know exactly what tables to purge.

I usually recommend this: The great Mautic weight control – Joey Keller by @joeyk :wink:

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Thanks, it will help to get rid of some stats.