Schedule emails - what is the best practice

This post is more like a general wondering, than a question.

When I send out 10k emails in a newsletter (ups sorry, broadcast email), I have the following options:

  1. Browser builds the queue
    I make my newsletter than click on publish.
    Than I click on send.
    The queue starts to build up in spool, and I have to wait with my browser open to get it done.

Not user friendly. Especially with 100k emails.

  1. Cron builds the queue
    Make the newsletter, publish.
    Fill out publish for a future time. (Not user friendly, it should be called schedule sending)
    I have to fill out the time when it should be not sent out anymore to newly added contacts to the segment. (People really don’t know about this)
    So I fill out un-publish 4 days from now, when the newsletter’s content is not so new anymore.
    Bonus: The broadcast cron has to be set up as well, so one more cron to run.

So this is even less user friendly, but at least I can close my laptop, don’t need to keep my browser running.

  1. Send immediately
    This happens if you choose no queue. I def. want to use a queue for resource management, deliverability reasons, so this is out of question.

Here is the question:
How do you send 10k+ emails out?
Is there a way to set option nr.2. with sending out the emails 5 min in the future?

Hi @joeyk, have you think about using campaigns? The first one will be more work, but the next ones are clones with changes.

Thanks, that is one of the possibilities.
I wish there would be an easier way to schedule a broadcast / segment email.