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Searching Contacts by two conditions

I’m trying to figure out how to search for contacts by more than one condition. I’ve followed the instructions in the"?" pop up to the best of my abilities, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

If I want to list contacts that are in one segment but NOT in another segment, how do I do that?


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common:segment-a !common:segment-b

If this problem is solved, edit your title.

Example: change from Searching Contacts by two conditions to [Solved] Searching Contacts by two conditions


Thanks! That helped!

What if I wanted to do more complicated queries though? Like, in segment-a, without tag-b, added after date-c?

On this page there is a link to a “search documentation” but that link is now dead. Is the information elsewhere?

" The search box allows many different search types and follows the same search process and variables as found in all other search layouts. You can learn more about the powerful search options available on the search documentation page."

Have you considered creating a report?

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I hadn’t! I wasn’t aware that that was an option. Would this just be the same report functionality from the bottom of the menu on the right? Would I be able to pull a list of contacts to add to a segment or campaign from there?