Require clarity on Conditions in campaigns

Your software
My Mautic version is: V4.4.9

Your problem
unable to understand if two segment are in conditions of a campaign like this, when will it be true and when will it be false,

  1. Guess if contact is both the segments then its TRUE Else FALSE (AND)
  2. Guess if contact is any one of the Segment its TRUE else FALSE (OR)

also if I am guided to advance topic of Mautic, it would be great help and good learning.

In the case above as long as a contact is in either of the segments the condition will return true. The best way to go about making sure of this is create two separate lists. Take a test user put them in only one of the lists and run that through the campaign, check your output and you will see how it behaves.

thanks mate. I am newbie to Mautic, getting the hang of it, yet to learn the CLI to trigger and manage the process.

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