Creating Segments with Condition1 AND (Condition2 OR Condition3)

My Mautic version is: 3.1.2

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible to create Segments with conditions like above. Basically the requirement would be to include all contacts from Canada and who either had their account created within the last 2 years or have opted in to get emails.

I’m able create the last two conditions without issues. However when I try to add the Canada condition it seems like it can’t be done. Mautic either wants me to make them all AND conditions (Ex: From Canada, and account created within last 2 years, and opted in), or it forces the two ands together and the or is separated (Ex: From Canada, and account created with the last two year. OR Opted in). This means the first example I can’t get accounts that haven’t opted in, and the second example will include accounts that opted in but aren’t from Canada.


I think I have figured this out for my condition. Instead of doing Condition1 AND (Condition2 OR Condition3), I had instead done (Condition1 AND Condition2) OR (Condition1 AND Condition3). Seems to be working as expected for this scenario at least.