AND, OR and other logic gates for emails in campaign builder

First of all, I’m really glad to be here. Getting used to mautic, been using it for a month or so, it’s amazing :slight_smile:
Here’s what I’m trying to do at the moment:
Two Segments - List 1 and List 2. List 1 has contacts, List 2 is empty initially
Campaign 1 - - Sends email A, B, C to List 1
Campaign 2 - - Sends email D, E, F to List 1
Once campaign 1 and 2 are both over, I want all contacts who replied to atleast TWO out of THREE emails in campaign 1 AND ONE out of THREE emails in campaign 2 to be added to the segment List 2.
How do I implement this logic in the campaign builder? It would require some kind of custom field incrementation (which it seems I can’t do in mautic) and then checking the value of the custom field, or some other feature I’m not aware of.

Similarly, how would one implement the above scenario but checking for an OR condition between campaigns?