Send vCard .vcf by SMS from Twilio or other service

Hi all - I’d like to send a vCard file (or contact info) by SMS/MMS from Mautic, using Twilio, or some better suited solution. Here’s the skinny on my Mautic:

:heavy_check_mark: *.vcf file type allowed

:heavy_check_mark: vCard file added to Assets

:heavy_check_mark: Twilio account connected in Mautic

:heavy_check_mark: SMS enabled for campaigns, etc

:x: No option to attach *.vcf to campaign SMS

Is there a way to attach vcf to MMS in Mautic and send via Twilio? Or is there a smarter way to do this than using the vcf standalone file?

Besides the native SMS feature in Mautic, is there a better way to use Twilio’s functionality to send the vcf file? (I confirm that Twilio supports this functionality - the question is: can Mautic?)

PS- feel free to relocate this post to more relevant category.