Mautic Integration with Twilio to send message to Whatsapp

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My Mautic version is: 2.16.2
My PHP version is: 7.0.31

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My problem is:

I have mautic installation that work with twilio for send sms. Works fine. But I want to send message through whatsapp. I change in the mautic plugin the sender number and include the “whatsaap:” follow with the number sender approved on twilio. But when I send it show me an error message on Mautic.

[HTTP 400] Unable to create record: The ‘From’ number whatsapp:+15089805226 is not a valid phone number, shortcode, or alphanumeric sender ID.

But when I put only the number it work fine +15089805226. I made the validation process on Twilio and they approved to me send whatsapp message, and give instruction of change this on the send number.
I think that the library or the SDK of the plug in of twilio on mautic its too old? can you help to me?


These errors are showing in the log: Yes

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

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hi jpgiron

The Twilio integration with Mautic works only for SMS. if you want to send whatsapp messages through mautic to Twilio you need a different approach. You should use a webhook action in a campaign that send the the payload to a Twilio endpoint that is intended to handle messages for WhatsApp

the paramters are as follows:

Twilio endpoint for whatsapp messaging:

(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is your Twilio client id - same one you use in Mautic)
Method is POST
autorization: basic twilioclientid:twilioclientsecret (twilio credentials (along with “:”) should be encoded in base64. you can do it here
content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

From: your number (whatsapp+number)
To: number of recepient
Body: content of message

all Data fields support mautic tokens for fields (as you can see from screenshot)


Thanks! This is great.

Another question… mautic can recieve webhooks? i search in the documentation but i dont find anything…

Not possible out of the box. You can create “webhook-like” mechanisms with Mautic’s API

Do you know how? can you make a pay job for this?

Hi @jpgiron,

I find your approach helpful so I did a bit of digging in the Twilio integration code so here’s what I did (this might be a bit of a hack and not upgrade safe but hopefully helps):

Find this file: /app/bundles/SmsBundle/Integration/Twilio/TwilioTransport.php
Then change the sendSms() method with the following:

public function sendSms(Lead $lead, $content)
    $number = $lead->getLeadPhoneNumber();

    if ($number === null) {
        return false;

    try {
        /***** Add Support to WhatsApp *****/
        $prefix = '';
                if(substr($number, 0, 9) === 'whatsapp:'){
                    $prefix = 'whatsapp:';
                    $number = substr($number, 9);
                'from' => $prefix.$this->sendingPhoneNumber,
                'body' => $content,

        return true;
    } catch (NumberParseException $exception) {
            ['exception' => $exception]

        return $exception->getMessage();
    } catch (ConfigurationException $exception) {
        $message = ($exception->getMessage()) ? $exception->getMessage() : 'mautic.sms.transport.twilio.not_configured';
            ['exception' => $exception]

        return $message;
    } catch (TwilioException $exception) {
            ['exception' => $exception]

        return $exception->getMessage();

Hello, i made this modification, but give me the same error.

Último error de ejecución: [HTTP 400] Unable to create record: The ‘From’ number whatsapp:+15089805226 is not a valid phone number, shortcode, or alphanumeric sender ID.

Hi @jpgiron, you should set your ‘From’ number as +15089805226 and not whatsapp:+15089805226. If you applied the code block above, it should automatically prepend the ‘whatsapp:’ prefix to your ‘From’ number.

In our case, we have the same twilio number for sending SMS and sending via WhatsApp. If the Contact’s number has a ‘whatsapp:’ prefixed to it, then the code above will prepend ‘whatsapp:’ to the ‘From’ number and sends via WhatsApp, else, it will use the ‘From’ number as is then sends the message as SMS.

Hello, i tried with whatsapp and get the error and without it didn’t work .

I checked why and found that for some reason my mautic installation did not capture the sms answers of text message when the user reply with something. Searching on google, I found that this issue

and check each change on each files. The majority of the changes its on mautic, but some files doesn’t have this changes. As this:


does not have, this line, that call to the file you indicate i need change.

use Mautic\SmsBundle\Integration\Twilio\TwilioTransport;

with this, the change you indicate, now work. Also work when mautic get the answer of sms and/or whatsapp, and execute the instructions on a campaign! Now i can get also replied on whatsapp that execute campaign conditionals.

Very Thanks for your help! I think this work great now!

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We’re just starting with Twilio integration in Mautic. This sure will help with our campaigns logic. Thanks.

Yes, now works as a basic bot on whatsapp. Capture the answers and execute the campaign for send text message for example, basis on the conditional you put. Now i want to capture some answer and put as a contact field, because all answer get in the history interaction of mautic, but i want to capture some of them to store with the contact and send to another application. Do you have some idea of how to do that?

Hey @OmerGafny

Great post. I know its been a while since you post and Mautic has had a number of releases since then, I went ahead and followed your directions.

However I get a 401 error in the users log card:

I have checked and there are no errors in the mautic.error log or the mautic UI system log.

I went and built the same string using curl in terminal to check if I am able to reach the endpoint and am able to send the message of via WhatsApp.

Any ideas or other ways I can try debug.

I got it working. I had left out two important things:

  1. I did not go ahead and encode by authorization keys using the link you provided.
  2. I forgot to add the word “Basic” to the beginning of the Authorization.

@OmerGafny great hack!! Thank you for sharing.

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Dit it work for you? Because I’m having the same error code (401), but I have no idea what I did wrong.

What is your mautic version?