How to integrate WhatsApp Business API with Mautic?


I am using the version v4.4.8 and I am looking for a way to send WhatsApp campaigns from Mautic.

Is there any plugin to do that?
Can Twilio achieve this?

I am looking for a plugin that integrates directly with WhatsApp Business API or via a third messageing platform like Twilio.
Or, a simple approach that doesn’t require lots and complicated coding.


Hi, thanks for the hint, I already checked some old messages regarding this issue in the Mautic Forum inlcuding the message you highlighted.
So, I asked this question for the latest version of Mautic in 2023, and also this question is not for Twilio precisely, it’s a wide question about integrating WhatsApp API with Mautic.
I want to check if someone has a new and straighforward way to get this done.

Maybe it is not 100% straighforward, but there is a plugin that can send your messages to a webhook, and in n8n you have a simple workflow to forward it to your Whatsapp Business account. Here the link for the plugin: