Sending mails 2 weeks before a specific date

Hi there,

I would like to set up an automated birthday campaign.
Within this campaign, I want to send an e-mail to the users 2 weeks before their birthday.
Is there a chance to set up an automated email like that? Maybe with a mathematical formula in the sense of “birthday minus 14 days”?

I would be very thankful if anyone could help me with this issue.


If birthday is one of your contact fields you could use that contact field value as a starting point.
I think it would require more segments than you would want to deal with. If i were in your shoes I would create January Birthdays for example, use segment filters for birthdays that month, and add segments to a birthday email campaign, but im sure others will chime in with some great ideas as well.

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That’s an interesting idea. So instead of saying “2 weeks before the birthday” I could send a mail in December to everyone in the segment “January Birthday”.
But… could i do this in an automated campaign or would I need to do it manually? I guess it would be too complicated to create a condition saying “if today is December send out the mail to everyone in the segment of January” and having this condition for every month…

There is a video about this:

I know about this from the Mauticast. It is really worth to listen to it:

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Oh one more thing: the mathematical formula for two weeks in the future is: DATE equal +14 days

In the past 2 weeks:
DATE is more or equal - 14 days

More than 2 weeks ago:
DATE is less than -14 days