Sending Segment Email Issues


We recently sent a segment email to 58K contacts. We had our ‘batches’ set to 125 (we assumed this to be the number of emails that would be sent in a single batch (i.e. 125 emails per batch, running every 15minutes, equaling 500 email per hour). We set our ‘limit’ option, which was presented to us after hitting the ‘send’ button on the email segment page, to 150. We weren’t entirely sure what this number was controlling, but assumed it represented the number of emails that would be processed in setting up the queue for the batches.

We hit send, the progress bar appeared and Mautic went to work. Then, at 33,354, the progress bar froze and never started again. After waiting a while, we closed the browser window and looked at the logs. We discovered that we had experienced a memory issue and the machine had stopped processing the segment. We’ve since increased the memory but we also noticed that 33,353 emails had been sent (far above the 500 per hour that we thought we had configured and far above our hosting provider 800 per hour limit).

We’re now wondering what went wrong. Was all of this as a result of the memory issue? Was it user error? Maybe both? For example, did we not configure either the batch or limit variables correctly. By hitting ‘Send’ and not relying on ‘publish at’ did we circumvent the throttling of ‘limits’ and ‘batches’?

We’ve looked at some of the related threads (i.e. - Send rate issue for Segment Emails) and we did everything as JoeyK prescribed.

Just really scratching our heads on this one and do not want to repeat it. Hoping that anyone out there might be able to offer help/insight.

Thank you!

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Hi, here is a detailed video, that will tell you everyting you need to know: