Send rate issue for Segment Emails

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.16.0
My PHP version is: 7.0.33

Your problem
My problem is:
I am scheduling segment emails via Channels > Emails and the send rate is extremely slow (about 6,000 emails per hour, no higher no lower)

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
I have tried allocating more CPU and RAM for the server Mautic is running on but the send rates are still the same.

Hello there, as above, the issue I’m facing is the segment emails are sending out very slowly. The send rate seems to be capped at a hard rate of 6,000. Are there any settings or configurations I can change that can help boost this rate?

Email send rate is a tricky thing, I seggest you check this previous forum post about the topic:

If you have specific questions, you can drop a line here.


Which email provider are you using? If it is always exactly 6000 an hour it can be that the provider is limiting you… Probably a max of 6000 an hour is good enough for 99% of their clients, so to prevent abuse it can be limited to that. You can try to ask your provider about this.

Hello, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Just would like to ask since I’m using a Mautic version <2.2.0, as I’m reading the documentation segmented emails had to be setup via the UI for versions prior to 2.2.0. To set up cron jobs sequentially, if I manually stagger the time in which they are sent out via the UI’s scheduler for each segment would that work? (example: segment 1 starts at 10am, segment 2 at 10:10am, and so on)

A few other questions I have: should I change the “message limit for queue processing” to something higher? What effect will it have if that setting is changed?
Does send rate limitation usually come from Mautic’s side or the SMTP service (like for example would Amazon SES be responsible for limiting the send rate?)

Thanks for taking the time to reply and I appreciate your assistance,