Should Mobile Field be Unique?

By default it’s not. Is there a reason why the Mobile or Celular field should NOT be unique?

I would appreciate comments or suggestions.


It should not because you can’t use it for tracking purpose such as email verification and page tracking and other related purposes in your mautic automation.
Except you want to activate sms plugin for this purpose and the rest.
But well marketing automation is all about thinking of your project and see how you can use available tools to achieve your goals etc. so it can be if you understand what you want to do well and how to use the available tools features to achieve such.

Agreed that it won’t help you track the url navigation of the lead/contact, but once you have it, it seems a more reliable unique identifier than email.

Most people have one mobile number while also having “n” email alias.

Definitely not!! As an outsourcing consultant who was formatted millions of leads for auto-dialers, one thing I can tell you is that the phone numbers will always be different, even if they are the same. Sometimes they will have a + sign in front of them of (x) or a “-” between the numbers, etc. There are too many variables for it too be a unique value. Even though Mautic can technically take a lot of these out - when you receive excel databases they will have this data in them so it wont sync properly.