Subject Line Emoji 🧩

I’m seemingly not having trouble with any other emoji, however when I use the puzzle emoji - :jigsaw: - when i save and return to the subject line, this character is getting converted into a ? (question mark).

Any idea why this is happening and how to overcome this issue?

Yes, I have faced the same issues, both in the headline & in the body section as well, can’t use any emoji

I would love to see this feature added

Have you tried other emojis?

The map emoji - :world_map: - seems to work without any issues (as far as I can see) so you can get some to appear in the subject line, but others will not strangely.

OMG What a fun topic! Thank you soo much for asking this.
After giving it a duckduckgo, I found this:


It even shows right away in Gmail :smiley:

Gave it another spin:



Hey Joey, it seems the linkjis no more accessible.

Oh… anyeay now you can just directly copy emojoes to the subject line. Since Mautic 3+ it should work as the subject is saved with the proper encoding.

Cool. I’m will give that a try.