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Support Symfony abstract/parent services

My idea is: As I was working on updating developer docs, I found that Mautic has support to define a service as an abstract but it doesn’t support defining a service as a child to take advantage of the parent service and so is kind of useless. See How to Manage Common Dependencies with Parent Services (Symfony 4.4 Docs) for examples.

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea: developers

Why I think they would benefit from this idea: It’s more of a coding convenience.

Any code or resources to support this idea: If “parent” is found in the definition, create an instance of ChildDefinition instead of Definition in mautic/MauticCoreExtension.php at 5975231722cfde8bdad783b373c70ad20333db37 · mautic/mautic · GitHub.

Are you willing to work on this idea?: Unfortunately, I’m not able to at this time.

What skills and resources do you need to explore this further? A developer can implement this and test.