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Tags with colors

My idea is: Allow the user to assign colors to tags

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea: All users that use tags to track different types of actions taken by the user or to track products purchased, clicks to links, etc.

Why I think they would benefit from this idea: Using colors makes very easy to identify important information. If all tags have the same color, this forces you to read and we are faster identifying colors .

Any code or resources to support this idea: No code

Are you willing to work on this idea?: I can help with ideas but no code.

Example 1: Tags with colors on Tags pane:
Note: I have installed tag manager plugin.

Example 2: User details with color tags.

@ekke you might want to see this.

Thanks @victorburgos and @tobsowo, I like it !

I’d like to involve @adrian Schimpf here (upcoming Tiger Team UX/UI) because I think this goes beyond tags :slight_smile:

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Some thoughts in detail:

I’d probably take the same approach as e.g. gmail, i.e. colors as an optional visual highlighting, but with no semantic meaning.
This would mean no sorting by colors (and by the way, I would not hide that sorting under “number of contacts”).

But I suspect that you have something else in mind, a sort of 2-dimensional tagging, or categorization - is that right @victorburgos ?
→ Please explain what you would like to achieve, so we can much better discuss the best solutions for this!

Hi @ekke, thinking about it, I believe that using the existing mechanism to assign colors to categories, segments and campaigns can be used to accomplish the initial idea.

For example, when the user creates a new tag he or she can select from existing categories or create a new one.

If there is a need to create a new category, the user can create it with it’s color and description.

Example 1: Create tag and category with color.

Wen the user is managing tags inside Tags pane, there will be a new column called category and each category will be displayed with it’s corresponding category color.

Example 2: Tags with Category column with colors

When viewing contact details, the user will be able to filter which tag category he or she wants to focus on.

Example 3: Filter tags based on category (all categories)

When selecting a tag category, the other tags will disappear.
Filters, categories and colors make it easy to have context when you have a user with hundreds of tags.
Example 4: Filter tags based on category (filtered categories)

It would also be great to be able to see tag history for each contact.
Example 5: Tag history for contact

For ideas, this is a sample list with tag categories and how I use them on mautic.

Thanks for your help.

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