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Theme Updates, without loosing ContentData

input an issue to github for that, but it seems that this was wrong:

So my Use-Case was i copied an changed an existing theme (Blank, its great withe the Builder, but not realy responsiv), so in that workflow i create a version of myTheme upload it, create Content with the PageBuilder, tested it and some mistakes are in the HTML, so i improved myTheme, uploaded it an then the Problems came up

no Updating own Themes is possible without loosing of existing content.

Create a Button, update Theme which creates a new Mix of Theme+Content.
Mayb be the Content must be stored, seperatly, like an xml-File. and the theme will be rendered with this content, like all php mvc-frameworks handel it, with php or twig.

Upgrade solution
use bootstrap3/4 as default, so layout elements are then
container - to be defined
rows - like section in combination with column
columns - like section in combination with row
elements - slots elements like text, image etc

Layout Elements: Container, Rows, Columns with styling of position, floating, margin, padding, background color + image

Content Elements: Text, Image, etc. with styling position, floating, margin, padding, background color + image, element specific properties

So dropping table an change it to div for more responsivness. the structure is similar useds in clickfunnels.

+1 for this. The only reliable way to currently update a theme and have those updates apply to existing Pages/Emails that use it is to go directly into the database and update the HTML code. It’s stored in a DB column when you create the email and doesn’t update the theme TWIG HTML if it changes. A button that can force it to redo the HTML—or better yet auto-detect changes and auto-update in the DB would be superb.