There were more than 3 attempts to send the email


I have a question about Mautic and Amazon SES email delivery.
When I send an email (to about 17000 contacts), I am receiving an average of 6-7 bounces with the following message "There were more than 3 attempts to send the email.

My questions are: do you know if this is normal for that amount of sendings? Do you have any advice to try to avoid them?

I’m looking at the metrics on Amazon SES and they are at 0.

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have you used multiple spool jobs to send out the emails?
If you use the way Mautic works with multiple spools, it can happen that an email will be send out multiple times.

I have created my own way to send out emails using multiple spools, please have a look at this post from the beginning of this year. Just ignore the first sentences…


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Hi @gerdr.

Thanks for the information, I will check and let you know.

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