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Troubleshoot Mautic Plugin for Stomp-PHP

I’m trying to develop a Mautic Plugin for ActiveMQ via STOMP using STOMP-PHP.
My Stomp-PHP client is working perfectly standalone. However, when I try to embed it as a Mautic plugin, I’m getting the following errors:

1. [2021-08-11 02:59:01] console.ERROR: Error thrown while running command "mautic:integration:fetchleads". Message: "An integration must be specified" {"exception":"[object] (RuntimeException(code: 0): An integration must be specified at /var/www/html/app/bundles/PluginBundle/Command/FetchLeadsCommand.php:94)","command":"mautic:integration:fetchleads","message":"An integration must be specified"} []
2. [2021-08-11 02:59:01] mautic.NOTICE: RuntimeException: An integration must be specified (uncaught exception) at /var/www/html/app/bundles/PluginBundle/Command/FetchLeadsCommand.php line 94 while running console command mautic:integration:fetchleads [] []
3. [2021-08-11 02:59:01] mautic.WARNING: Command mautic:integration:fetchleads exited with status code 1 [] []

I’m using Mautic 3.2.


Hello @m0b33n2hah

Email sent with details.


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