Update custom contact field (type lookup) multiple times

I want to add a custom contact field for purchased products.

here’s how I do it.

a contact purchased product A. the campaign for this product will update the contact info Purchased-Product-A .
but when the same contact purchased product B, the info of purchased product A is deleted (overwriten).
How to work around this?

I tried differnt contact field ie multiselect.

the custum contact field that works like tags isn’t there.


The proper way to do this is to develop a custom plugin that adds new tables to your databases schema and connect them with leads table.

Using custom fields in that regard is not really practifcal or scalable.

In this place I should also mention that, there is a plugin out there called Custom Objects that might help you with your requirement:

Anyway if you are looking into mautic plugin development I can help you out.

oh. I understand. thanks