Tag and custom field


I saw your reply on your YouTube channel so I wanted to ask a little more about your reply because I am not quite get it so help me understand better.

Are you said I can use custom field to add or remove tag from contact? I follow your steps in YouTube then use something like campaign to add or remove tag based on which custom field is checked or not checked?

Can you explain more about it? I am interested trying this method if possible

Thank you!

ugh … I can’t create new custom field … Look like a bug or something …

Gotta wait until they fix this … Also saw this on github - Error creating a custom field of type Date · Issue #11299 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

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Hey @techbill thanks for reporting that bug, its a showstopper for us, I hope it gets fixed asap.
Plz keep an eye on it, so you can be the first one to review the fix.

I’m planning to create an article to this video, I’ll let you know when it’s ready.


I am able to create text custom fields but I don’t seem to be able to create any other type. What I ended up doing, as a very rudimentary workaround, is create the custom field as text and then change the lead field type directly via phpmyadmin.

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Looking forward to your next video!

Thank you so much!

I have that error when trying to create text area as well… is there a work around to create that field in db manually.

Look like it’s fixed … is this article coming soon? :smile:

We still trying to find a way to update contact tags based on preferences center choices where they can add or remove themselves and the tags will be updated base on thier selections.

Thank you!

I’m sooooo overwhelmed :smiley: (or disorganized. One of those)
But I’ll get to it.

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