Upgrade path from v2.14.2

Your software
My PHP version is : 7.3.X
My MySQL/MariaDB version is: MySQL version 5.7.37-cll-lve

Updating/Installing Errors
I am (delete as applicable): Updating
Upgrading/installing via: Command Line

Your problem
My problem is :
Just confirming what the best pathway is to update to the latest version of mautic from v2.14.2. Haven’t done updates in a long time. And migrating to a new server with PHP7.4 installed. v2.14.2 doesn’t run on php7.4! So needing to upgrade…


  • first upgrade to the latest version of series 2.x
  • then upgrade to the latest 3.x
  • and lastly upgrade from 3.x to 4.x

Make full backup before each migration (source, database)

Thanks for the direction! Ok, so new info is:

Installed Mautic version: 2.16.5
PHP version: 7.3.33-1+0~20211119.91+debian10~1.gbp618351
OS: Linux
Upgrade type: CLI
Database: mariaDB 10.4

When I try to upgrade to v3, it wants to go direct to Version 3.2.4. CLI gives this error:

One or more warnings occurred during pre-upgrade checks, please run this script with the --ignore-warnings flag to continue: 
- We couldn't reliably detect the amount of available database migrations. Please proceed with caution!

So I try running the script with the ignore warnings flag, and it comes back with:

ERR_MAUTIC_2_MIGRATIONS_IDENTIFICATION_FAILED: We couldn't reliably detect the amount of available database migrations.. For more details about this message, see http://mau.tc/m3-upgrade-error#err_mautic_2_migrations_identification_failed

What should I do from here?

What does it say at the link?

I would try to incrementally updating by manually downloading releases from github.

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The link just says:

During this stage, the script checks to ensure that there are no database migrations outstanding from previous Mautic upgrades.
If an error occurs in this stage, the upgrade script was unable to find or access the appropriate files, or there was an interruption in the process for some reason.
The error message gives you more details about where the problem lies. You can find further information in the upgrade_log.txt file - created in the root of your Mautic instance when an upgrade starts.
To move forward from this stage, refresh the page.
If you need any further help, please post into the dedicated Mautic 3 Installation/Upgrade forum. Please ensure that you provide all the details requested in the post template, which enables the community volunteers to provide effective support.

Which is particularly helpful :wink: I’m using the console to upgrade so can’t “refresh” to move forward.

If I were to update by manually downloading from github, what’s the process for a manual upgrade like that?

This guide should give you the info you are looking for:

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