Which 2.16.2 upgrade to 3.0 are the correct, simplest, and best upgrade instructions?

Your software
*My PHP version is 7.3
*My MySQL/MariaDB version is 5.7.14 MySQL

**Updating/Installing Errors None yet have not begun…
I am Updating from 2.16 to 3.0 or next best.
*Upgrading via / Command Line

These errors are showing in the installer :No errors yet… not begun yet

These errors are showing in the Mautic log : None have not begun.

My problem is : In researching i find so many Step by Step Command line procedures I am confused in regard to which one to use… I plan to use command line but every where I look different folks claim they have the best method and script… so confused… for example:

  1. Upgrade steps | Mautic Community Documentation
    Seems to be the Mautic upgrade but i do not scc a script to load and run on the command line.

  2. How to Successfully Update your Own Mautic Self-Hosted
    This one claims its the only way to go…

3.How to Update Mautic from the Command Line - Powertic
This guy has his own script for the upgrade…

Please can somone point me to the best easiest safest way…if its Mautic number 1 above then where do i find the script to do it… the script was never mentioned in that article…

Steps I have tried to fix the problem :Searched for best methods to upgrade. All listed above… but have not but cannot determine which one is the one I should use…

I think there is no ‘best method’, but there is a best method for your environment and they way you installed.
You can go with any of them, just make a backup before :smiley:

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Thanks for the input Joeyk… i appreciate that most times you respond and most times with excellent answers… however just so others do not go down the wrong track as I have let me give everyone an update on of of the solutions above… the Powertic solution… When i ran that one the first thing it did was shut down saying you cannot use PHP 7.3 with mautic right now as 7.2999 is the newest version that Mautic will accept… not true they are on 7.3 now… and so i edited the script to let me pass… and then it immediately shut down telling me that i am currently upgraded higher than Mautic Allows and I must downgrade to use Mautic…

Apparently this script is fine just needs to be upgraded to the latest version of Mautic…

define(‘MAUTIC_MINIMUM_PHP’, ‘5.6.19’);
define(‘MAUTIC_MAXIMUM_PHP’, ‘7.2.999’);
As you can see this sort of script will make you abort if you have php 7.3

‘Mautic does not support PHP version ‘.PHP_VERSION.’ at this time. To use Mautic, you will need to downgrade to an earlier version.’.
And this part will tell you to downgrade…

I am sure its a fine script and very easy to use… so I hope the author will upgrade his script to the latest Mautic soon… So I recommend watching for an upgrade to use this script.

Hey, I think I’ll make my own script to add to the chaos / diversity. :wink: stay tuned :wink:

I added one more upgrade script and a step by step video.
I hope this helps.

Thanks Joey… i just went ahead and directly loaded 3.2 and then easily upgraded to 3.3 so I am good right now… but as soon as I get a minute I will give this a try… and see what happens… as I would still like to upgrade the old one since Most of the items i have not been successful in exporting and importing. I am an avid programmer so I may look at going down doulbe on export. I had good luck on exporting BB pages before it was easy… simply by removeing all the bb pages then write a small simple one then go in and find every bit and piece of the form and program it to grab the name of the file then find every piece and move it to the new site… it worked… I tested one of the Mautic campaigns and did the same and it worked so i am pretty sure i can transport most any mautic page or form… but will take a ton of time to do the first one… then full automation… if anyone has been playing with this and wants to compare notes your ideas may help me move faster… But thanks again for this need upgrade procedure… if i can get it to work for me I will let you know. Thanks Again…