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"We recommend upgrading by using the CLI" - where it is?

Mautic: 2.16.3
PHP: 7.3
My MariaDB version is 10.3.22-MariaDB-1ubuntu1

Updating/Installing Errors
I am Updating
Upgrading/installing via either Web / Command Line

Your problem
First I started upgrade via web and get “We recommend upgrading by using the CLI” message.

I run php upgrade_v3.php in cli but received the same message. Checked the doc , there are some codes mentioned but no clue where to enter the codes, and no clear doc where the cli is. I tried:

php app/console startUpgrade

  Command "startUpgrade" is not defined.

Also tried php upgrade_v3.php startUpgrade but just received the same message (“We recommend…”) again.

So, which is the CLI file and how to upgrade using CLI? Where to enter those codes?

Thank you.

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