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Using Mautic as a base of niche SaaS product


First of all, I checked the previous posts but didn’t get enough answers. I am building a niche marketing product and I want to use Mautic for the automation and ESP side of the product. Can I offer Mautic’s services integrated into my product? If yes, what are the legal constraints? I didn’t understand much from the license doc.

  1. Can I freely use, and build my own features on top of Mautic?
  2. Can I keep it closed source, because my product is not open-source.
  3. Do I need to pay any royalties?
  4. Do I have to state this part is Mautic? ( I have no problem with it, I need to understand what are the limitations.)

Thanks for the answers.

Hi @imlad115 … welcome :wink:

Mautic is distributed with GPL license. You can read a lot of answers here: Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU Licenses - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
Read about “copyleft” here: Copyleft - Wikipedia
To my understanding it really depends on how you develop “on top” and integrate with Mautic.

Regarding 3 and 4… you get a quick start with Mautic. Its a karma question: Do you need to contribute to mautic in any way and mention it? Probably not. But maybe you should?

Contribution can be with time (helping to further develop / test versions) or $ to contribute to the effort. It will help the community and thus your business case as well :wink: