Welcoming Patryk Gruszka and Nick Vanpraet to the Mautic Security Team!

We are excited to announce that Patryk Gruszka from Comarch and Nick Vanpraet from Dropsolid are joining the Mautic Security Team. Both have been valuable contributors to Mautic’s code base, and their transition into official roles in the security team further strengthens our commitment to developing top-tier security practices.

Patryk Gruszka: From Marketing Operations to Security

At Comarch, Patryk has been a pivotal part of the marketing operations team, overseeing their Mautic instance, building complex integrations with their in-house systems, and contributing many bug fixes and features back to Mautic. His from-the-trenches experience with Mautic at an operational level gives him a unique perspective on our security needs and challenges.

Nick Vanpraet: A Seasoned Mautic Contributor

Nick also comes from a strong background of contributing to various aspects of Mautic through his work at Dropsolid. His deep understanding of Mautic's framework alongside his extensive experience with Drupal and his proactive approach to security make him a perfect fit for our team. We look forward to his continued influence in shaping our security practices.

A Year of Provisional Membership

Patryk and Nick will initially join the Security Team on a provisional basis for one year. This provisional period is a great opportunity for them to integrate fully with the team’s dynamics and contribute to finding, fixing and releasing security bugs before becoming a fully-fledged member of the team.

Our Continuous Commitment to Security

The Mautic Security Team is dedicated to maintaining and advancing the security of our platform. The integration of seasoned contributors like Patryk and Nick into formal roles within the team is a testament to our proactive approach to security management. Their first-hand experience with Mautic not only enhances our capabilities but also ensures that we remain responsive and adaptive to emerging security challenges.

For further details on our security protocols and the role of our security team, visit our Mautic Security Team page

Let’s extend a warm welcome to Patryk and Nick! Their extensive contributions to Mautic and their fresh perspectives are essential as we continue to develop a secure and resilient platform. We are excited about the valuable contributions they will bring to the team.

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