What are the benefits of using Mautic with Composer?

I noticed that many people recommended using Composer when installing Mautic. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the normal installation method, like putting all the files into the root directory and continuing with the GUI setup wizard. Why do I need to use Composer, and what are the benefits of it?

Another question, should I consider using Mautic 4 or 5 for production purposes?

Plz someone correct me, but this is how I can explain it:

Mautic relies on 2 things:

  1. mautic files
  2. files in vendor folder
    Everything should be compatible with your php version
    Composer will keep everything uptodate.
    If you don’t use composer, it can happen, that a newer version of a vendor file that does a small thing in Matuic is required, but you don’t know and you won’t update and suddenly something is not working in your Mautic.

So, you’re saying that the composer is the easiest way to update Mautic without any issues?

I’m saying if you learn composer, and you know how it works, then it’s easier to maintain your Mautic, including updates.

Gotcha! What would you suggest for production purposes, 4 or 5?

I recommend M5.1 once it’s released.