Why has mautic so many bugs?

I have old version 2.5.3 or something and I am afraid to update because it never worked. Also I tried to install with composer and it was so weird. I used composer for other cms and it works wonderfully…like drupal for example but mautic is ridden with all these errors all the time…
why somebody cant fix it…make updates like wordress does with no errors and make it easier for regular people

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Mautic is a developing project, and stability of the software is getting better, including the updating possibility. Frameworks ensure stability and security of your software, they are constantly developed. This is valid for the other parts of the software (vendor libraries), that change all the time. This is not typical for Mautic, just look around, older Apple devices also not getting updates anymore. You can’t even connect to its servers with a Blackberry.
The update is possible, did it many times.
Once you manage to upgrade to Mautic 3, you are pretty much okay.
I posted multiple videos about it. Mautic 2.12 to Mautic 4.+ in my channel.

Have to agree with @joeyk on this one.

I would add that before you attempt any update you make a backup of source code and database, then even if it goes sideways you can revert it.

There also many experts that can help you with the migration process if you would rather pay someone to do this for you and you just focus on using Mautic (you can also ping me, and we can look into your situation together).

Regards, M.

I do not know where your Mautic instance is, but if you are like me, then I could have a proposal.

My Mautic is on a VPS on Hetzner Cloud .
What I do on each upgrade is:

  • create a Snapshot of the current VPS
  • create another VPS
  • install the Snapshot on the new VPS - like this, I have 1:1 the same instance
  • disable crons + run the upgrade commands and see what is happening
  • if all works and seam ok, I do them on the real instance:
    => disable crons
    => run the upgrade commands
    => enable crons

Mautic 2 is way too old … I find very good approach to upgrade in steps (Mautic 3, then Mautic 4) .

The other proposal I find better: to just install a fresh Mautic 4 latest instance and to migrate all the infos there. Like this you could get rid of later bugs that may appear … from nowhere.

@mzagmajster : a professional migration process is done not trough the interface, but directly in the database? Am I right?

do you use composer to upgrade?

Yeah, so I have never to this day use web interface to migrate an instance. Migrating via web interface is also deprecated and in general adds complexity to the process.

Personally I use CLI (combination of bin/console commands not composer) to update Mautic. Migration of the database is done based on pre-existing migration scripts no matter which approach you take it. But if you use the CLI approach you can see the output clearly as well as additional info to investigate the issue.

I would also like to say that migration of the database is the most critical part of the whole migration process. If you manage to get through database migration you are in the clear, even if something went wrong with files on the disk, you can always pull fresh copy of files.

And yes the migration between major versions has to be incremental. First you migrate to the last version of 2, then from 2 you migrate to the last version of 3, then from 3 to 4. That is because not all migration files are presented in the migrations folder.

Regards, M.


No, no composer installation, therefore no upgrade trough composer.
At that time (I started almost with latest version of 3) there was no composer installation (or I did not knew how to do it, not that I know it now, but Mautic 4 support it - I did not tried it).

By migrating trough the interface I meant, to just manually redo all the stuff from the old instance into the new instance. Yes, this would be a quite tedious process and not error free.

I started learning Symfony 6 to implement by myself the stuff in Mautic - I want to take it to the end.
It will come the day when I will learn and understand also mySql. I used some commands with the help of ChatGBT, but like this it takes much time.

“Why doesn’t my software work? I refuse to upgrade but have time to complain on the forums about why people I don’t pay won’t fix it for me.”